• 80/20: because it cannot be that 80% of the population has access to hardly 20% of the resources.
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Global Notebooks XV: Cabo Delgado, cursed mirror of today’s world

It had been a long time that, working in Africa, I had not felt the contradictions, the doubts, and also the anger so strongly. How to restructure a health system, which was already insufficient, in such a volatile and unpredictable reality? Where to build the new centres? How to mobi
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Global Notebooks XIV: In memoriam Anil Das Gupta

I could write a book about the feelings that are welling up in me these days. Anil died last Wednesday, unexpectedly. The best teacher is the one who doesn't seem to teach you. I don't even know if Anil was aware that he was changing lives and mentalities.
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Global Notebooks XIII: War in Cabo Delgado

An insurgent group is advancing inexorably from north to south of the province, from east to west, leaving behind devastated villages. It is believed that there have been more than 2.000 deaths and more than 430.000 refugees.
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