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  • 80/20: because it cannot be that 80% of the population has access to hardly 20% of the resources.
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Balkanske Sveske (2) (Serbo-Croatian version)

Travel journal of our international relations director from the Balkans, where he will visit North Macedonia and Bosnia to continue with our projects in defense of human rights and the right to health (Serbo-Croatian version)
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Balkan Notebooks (I)

Travel diary to the Balkans by our Director of International Relationships, where he will visit Northern Macedonia and Bosnia in order to pursue our projects in defence of human rights and the right to health.
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For a life free of gender violence in Mozambique

We’ve been working for more than two years hand in hand with Forum Mulher, the biggest network of bodies fighting for women’s rights and particularly against gender violence in Mozambique.
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