guia PDF APSIt’s been more than 30 years since the dream to provide “Health for All” was launched in Alma Ata, and the strategy of Primary Health Care (PHC) was adopted, as the most effective and efficient approach in order to achieve that goal.

Are we closer to that dream today? Has PHC become the international benchmark for the strengthening of health systems that ensure universal coverage? Is Mozambique an example to follow in this regard?

The truth is that there have been circumstances and trends, both internal and
external, which have relegated PHC to a mere dialectical resource, far from its original revolutionary content.

medicusmundi considers it essential to revitalise PHC principles in order
to ensure better health for the entire population. We base our proposal on a
conceptual framework that combines three areas of intervention, to be conducted in parallel and co-ordinately: the strengthening, promotion and defence of PHC.

The sustainability and impact of our proposal of PHC strengthening, promotion and defence involves the creation of an inclusive, sustainable and independent national organisation: the Institute for the Development of Primary Health Care. This institute should integrate the joint efforts of all national and international
forces that defend the right to health of all citizens of Mozambique.

Do you want to know more about our diagnostic of the Mozambican Health Sector? What actors are indispensable to make real the Institute for the Development of PHC? Do you want to know more? Download our complete strategy!