A documentary by medicusmundi and Kanaki Films on the tortuous itinerary followed by Mozambique in order to build its public health system.

A Luta Continua


Since achieving independence in 1975, Mozambique is a country in constant change. In this context, governments, foundations, NGOs and companies declare noble intentions in order to improve the precarious health situation of the population. "A Luta Continua" ("The Struggle Continues") reviews the achievements, challenges and difficulties in order to build a health system for all in an increasingly unequal country where, sometimes, aid strategies do not always walk in the same direction.
NOTE: Turn on the video subtitles. Available in Spanish, English and Portuguese
medicusmundi considers it essential to revitalise PHC principles in order to ensure better health for the entire population. We base our proposal on a conceptual framework that combines three areas of intervention, to be conducted in parallel and co-ordinately: the strengthening, promotion and defence of PHC.


Global Notebooks XIV: In memoriam Anil Das Gupta

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"A Luta Continua" premiered in may 2014 in this cinema & health festival that we anually organize. Don't miss the webpage!