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New personnel trained for Mozambique’s National Health System

The Closing Ceremony of the five courses conducted by the Health Training Centre of Pemba, in the province of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, was held on the last 15th of December 2014. We have been collaborating with this Centre in order to improve the capabilities of the workers
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34 Nurses Qualify as Specialized Midwives in the Bié Province in Angola

Right now, just about to start the new academic year, I would like to use this occasion to inform you of a training event we are particularly proud of: the first Nurse-Midwifery Specialization course in the Bié province in Angola, which has provided the first promotion of 34
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Healthcare Personnel: a Global Problem

Nobody doubts these days that having enough health personnel, in terms of quantity and quality, is a crucial element in order to have a sanitary system responsive to the healthcare needs of the population. However, the global situation is far from being acceptable. More than
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Quality and Warmth: Clues to the Improvement of Healthcare Services.

When we talk about improving the quality of healthcare services in a specific country, either in the so-called “developed” or “developing” countries, the first thing that comes to our minds is large-scale works/buildings and infrastructures, buying expensive equipments, prof
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