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health systems

Fighting inequality for the defence of the right to health

The World Health Day is celebrated annually on April 7 to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1948. The theme for World Health Day 2014 is vector-borne diseases. Vectors are small organisms that carry disease from one infecte
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Healthcare Personnel: a Global Problem

Nobody doubts these days that having enough health personnel, in terms of quantity and quality, is a crucial element in order to have a sanitary system responsive to the healthcare needs of the population. However, the global situation is far from being acceptable. More than
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Final stretch of the documentary on the health system in Mozambique

For some months now, as we informed you through this blog last November, we’ve been into the production of an audiovisual documentary on the implementation of the Primary Health Care (PHC) in Mozambique. We expect to be able to release it soon, in the framework of “Health, R
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Networking to increase the impact: 2nd Health NGOs Fair in Maputo

The term NGDO encompasses a multitude of organisations, with a wide variety of themes, visions, values and goals, meaning their actions are very diverse. But they all share a common aim: change, social transformation, and respect for human rights. A lot of efforts are needed
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Primary Health Care in Mozambique: the Documentary

The Alma Ata Conference, back in 1978, seems far away; since then, the world order has changed. However, Primary Health Care (PHC) has proved to be the most effective and efficient model for the construction of sound equitable health care systems aiming at universal coverage
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Mozambique: the Right to Health involves Quality and Proximity to Health Care Services

In compliance with the projections regarding the growth of the Cabo Delgado health system, medicusmundi and the Provincial Health Department have put into operation a new Health Unit in Nicuita, in the Namuno District. This new type II Health Center (its services include del
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