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II Conferences on Gender Violence and Health

The next 15th and 16th December, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., we will organize the II International Conference on Gender Violence and Health. This year, given the health situation, they will be carried out via Zoom.
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Global Notebooks XI – Nowhere

Psychologists say that confinement sharpens fears and can bring out the worst in us. I take refuge in my imaginary city when the walls narrow, the oxygen is lacking and there is an excess of screens. As the days go by, this fantasy becomes more acute.
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Health, Rights, Action Reloaded!

Towards a participatory process to strengthen movements for the right to health
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Global notebooks I – Mozambique

Opinion article of the International Relations Coordinator from Mozambique, the first destination of a mission that will take him to Ecuador, Bolivia and Bosnia. Reflections on health as a right and health as a result of both national and international politics and decisions
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Balkan notebooks II

The travel diary from the Balkans of our director of international relations, where he will visit North Macedonia and Bosnia to continue with our projects in defence of human rights and the right to health.
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Balkan Notebooks (I)

Travel diary to the Balkans by our Director of International Relationships, where he will visit Northern Macedonia and Bosnia in order to pursue our projects in defence of human rights and the right to health.
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First Interinstitutional Platform against Violence towards Women and Family Members in Riberalta, Bolivia

Several institutions from the town of Riberalta, Bolivia, have united recently, medicusmundi among them, which as you know has been working in the health care sector, especially within the area of sexual and reproductive rights...
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