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New Action Plan for Health Promotion in Cabo Delgado (Mozambique)

In Cabo Delgado - Mozambique, we are giving support to the Provincial Health Directorate (DPS-CD) in developing an essential tool for the promotion of health in the Province: The Action Plan for Health Promotion.
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The awakening of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank and the WHO?

“Money alone is not the answer [… ] Strong primary health care is capable of meeting the vast majority of communities’ diverse health needs.” – PHCPI Strategy. Last September 2015, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO
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Strengthening the Primary Health Care Management Competencies of the Maputo City Council in Mozambique

Mozambique ranks third from last in terms of the UNDP’s Human Development Index 2014. Maputo is the country’s capital and its largest city: it gathers circa 40% of the Mozambique urban population and represents 20.2% of the country’s GDP. Since the passing of the Act 2
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Improving Pharmaceutical Drugs Management in Maputo, Mozambique

One of the key elements in a health system is sound management, that’s the reason why we are working on the strengthening of the capacities of the institutions responsible for the management and the planning of primary healthcare services in Mozambique (and in the rest of co
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To strengthen PHC is not enough, we must massively promote its importance

medicusmundi has been working in Mozambique for more than 20 years in strengthening the public health system based on the principles of Primary Health Care (PHC). We have devoted many efforts, both economic and institutional, and put great enthusiasm and energy over the year
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“A Luta Continua” – A Critical Review On Mozambique’s Health Care System And Aid Structure

It`s been more than 30 years since the dream to provide “Health for All” was launched in Alma Ata, and the strategy of Primary Health Care (PHC) was adopted as the most effective and efficient approach in order to achieve that goal. Are we closer to that dream today? Has PHC
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Inauguració del centre de salut de Nicuita, a Moçambic

El passat 11 de juliol es va celebrar la inauguració oficial del Centre de Salut Rural de Nicuita, al districte de Namuno, província de Cabo Delgado. Anteriorment, ja us en havíem parlat, i de com la seva posada en marxa el setembre de 2013 havia significat un important canv
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Final stretch of the documentary on the health system in Mozambique

For some months now, as we informed you through this blog last November, we’ve been into the production of an audiovisual documentary on the implementation of the Primary Health Care (PHC) in Mozambique. We expect to be able to release it soon, in the framework of “Health, R
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Networking to increase the impact: 2nd Health NGOs Fair in Maputo

The term NGDO encompasses a multitude of organisations, with a wide variety of themes, visions, values and goals, meaning their actions are very diverse. But they all share a common aim: change, social transformation, and respect for human rights. A lot of efforts are needed
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