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More than a pandemic

In times of economic crisis, we have had politicians indifferent to the suffering of others, cutting on acquired rights, faithfully applying imposed recipes, trying to destroy basic public services, including health
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Fighting for PHC in Mozambique: is it possible to defend something one lacks?

A few months ago, in a conversation with Dr. Helder Martins, former Mozambican Minister of Health, he commented that Primary Health Care (PHC) does not exist in Mozambique. He argued that, contrary to what happened during the first years after independence, the health system
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Trailer for the film “A luta continua”

Avalaible the trailer for the film “A luta continua” (The fight goes on) with subtitles in English. Produced by medicusmundi and Kanaki Films, and directed by Raúl de la Fuente, recent winner of the 2014 Goya Award for the best short film documentary, with the AE
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Fighting inequality for the defence of the right to health

The World Health Day is celebrated annually on April 7 to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1948. The theme for World Health Day 2014 is vector-borne diseases. Vectors are small organisms that carry disease from one infecte
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The Struggle for Health: People’s Health Movement

In order to counteract the neoliberal stampede we are at the moment facing, We need connections, synergies, flexible, but strong networks The Troika’s rhetoric of austerity (Central European Bank + European Commission + International Monetary Fund) followed by the autonomous
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Final stretch of the documentary on the health system in Mozambique

For some months now, as we informed you through this blog last November, we’ve been into the production of an audiovisual documentary on the implementation of the Primary Health Care (PHC) in Mozambique. We expect to be able to release it soon, in the framework of “Health, R
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For the right of women to decide for themselves. Medicusmundi declaration on the draft law that would restrict the right to abortion

In 2011 medicusmundi approved a Declaration on Sexual and Reproductive Rights where its position and its commitment regarding the right of women to decide for themselves is stated. Just like a woman cannot be forced to undergo an abortion, she cannot be forced to become a mo
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Activism for the Human Right to Health: People’s Health Movement

At the beginning, back in 2008, some people thought that the Great Crisis was going to question the principles of neoliberal capitalism which had caused it. The truth is that these principles have been strengthened and, in Europe, the same “recipes” imposed on Asia, Africa a
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