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Fighting for PHC in Mozambique: is it possible to defend something one lacks?

A few months ago, in a conversation with Dr. Helder Martins, former Mozambican Minister of Health, he commented that Primary Health Care (PHC) does not exist in Mozambique. He argued that, contrary to what happened during the first years after independence, the health system
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34 Nurses Qualify as Specialized Midwives in the Bié Province in Angola

Right now, just about to start the new academic year, I would like to use this occasion to inform you of a training event we are particularly proud of: the first Nurse-Midwifery Specialization course in the Bié province in Angola, which has provided the first promotion of 34
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Trailer for the film “A luta continua”

Avalaible the trailer for the film “A luta continua” (The fight goes on) with subtitles in English. Produced by medicusmundi and Kanaki Films, and directed by Raúl de la Fuente, recent winner of the 2014 Goya Award for the best short film documentary, with the AE
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Quality and Warmth: Clues to the Improvement of Healthcare Services.

When we talk about improving the quality of healthcare services in a specific country, either in the so-called “developed” or “developing” countries, the first thing that comes to our minds is large-scale works/buildings and infrastructures, buying expensive equipments, prof
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